Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super Comments Award :)

Yesterday the lovely Leanne over at Mrs A in the Cove, passed on the Super Comments Award to me. If you haven't visited her blog, please do.

Why do you Blog?

I have only been blogging for a couple of months now, I was previously posting over at The Claytons Blog, and reading lots and lots of wonderful blogs. Most of what I write is based around the cakes that I enjoy creating. I have gained inspiration from many sources and am now dabbling in creating wonderful parties for my children, so am blogging this journey also.

What are three of your best memories?

The birth of our 3 beautiful children.

My eldest's first day at school.

Our wedding day, January 1998 and then our vow renewal, January 2008.

If you changed your name what would it be?

This is a tricky one, I have never really thought about changing my name! I will have to have a think and come back to this one sometime :)
Five things I couldn't live without?

My husband and children.

My kitchen.

Chocolate and chicken flavoured chips.

My laptop and the internet.

My camera.

Four best books?

I am not a big novel reader, so this one is a little difficult to answer. I am always refering to my recipe books, so it would have to be AWW Cook, The Hummingbird Bakery Cook book, Planet Cake book and AWW Children's Birthday Cake books.

A unique and interesting fact about yourself?

Another one I will have to pass on as I am not that interesting and can't think of anything unique about my self :(

What do you love best about yourself?

That I manage to be a pretty good mum to my children, as well as being a wife and keep our lives running reasonably smoothly. 

The best movie ever made?

I am a bit of a Tom Cruise fan, so that would be Top Gun!! I also love a good comedy, anything with Ben Stiller.

If it were Freaky Friday who would I change with?

I would swap with Julia Gillard, would love to know what it was like to be the first female prime minister!

Best thing about being a woman?

Being able to multi-task!! Being a mum. Being able to wear pretty clothes and shoes.

I am going to pass this award onto some fellow bloggers:

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Mrs KT :)



  1. Lovely list Katena - oh yes forgot about Top Gun - like that too!! There are just so many great movies really! Leanne

  2. WOW!! Thanks, this looks like good fun, I love stopping by & seeing what wonderful things you have created, Im very envious of your skills !!! It would be interesting to be Julia Gillard for a day, what an achievement for women!
    Have a lovely day!!!

  3. Oh, wow, thank you! It's so nice to receive awards. I'll have to have a think about those questions..I love your answers, you sound very content and there's nothing better than that feeling! Thanks again..have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  4. Hi there. I've come via Mrs A in the Cove where I regularly read your comments. Thought it was about time I checked out your blog and am so pleased to see another mum who is passionate about baking. My creations certainly have a long way to go but I so so enjoy baking and that's the main thing, right?! I'm def. adding you to my blog list. Mira