Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harry's 4th Birthday Ben 10 Cake.

Another day, another challenging birthday cake! I got a call from Harry's mum last week to ask me if I could make a Ben 10 cake for his 4th birthday party. This was exciting for me as I haven't made a Ben 10 cake before so it provided a good challenge for me. Off to Flickr I went for some inspiration and found many wonderful creations that I passed onto Harry and his mum so they could select a cake. They came back to me with Harry's choice and his mum laughed that he had picked the "biggest cake he could". (I need to say a big thankyou to Andrea for allowing me to use her cake as inspiration)

My modelling skills got a good workout, as I needed to create a Ben 10 character out of modelling paste. The figurine turned out ok, didn't really look like Ben 10, but it is always good to put your own artist spin on your cakes!

 My interpretation of Ben 10!

The cakes were all dark chocolate mudcakes with dark chocolate ganache filling and then covered in fondant. The sign, no.4, omnitrix' were all modelling paste. I am very happy with the finished cake.

I delivered the cake a little while ago and Harry was over the moon with it. It is always such a great feeling when the recipient of the cake is excited when they see it for the first time.

Happy Birthday Harry, enjoy your 4th birthday :)

Mrs KT :)


  1. Oh Katena it is fantastic - please move closer to me so you can make my next cake!! Leanne xx

  2. Once again I am in awe of your talents! My boys love Ben 10 and they would go mad for this cake!

  3. Thankyou Leanne, I wish I lived closer too xx

    Thankyou Nickki, my boys are Ben 10 lovers too, so they were quite impressed with this cake. Although my eldest tole me my Ben 10 had girls hair, LOL!!!

  4. WOW... that is the best ben 10 cake i have seen and I did some research when I made mine!! Don't laugh ok!! hehe


    xo Steph (sunny mummy)

  5. Thanks Steph. Flickr is a wonderful place to obtain inspiration for cakes!

  6. Hi Mrs Kt another clever creation!!! I have an award for you if your not to busy, just pop over to my blog & pick it up!!!