Saturday, June 5, 2010

Emily's 8th Birthday Sleepover Party - THE PARTY!

The party day has finally arrived. I was up early this morning finishing off the cupcakes and baking gingerbread cookies to complete the candy / dessert table for my niece Emily's 8th Birthday Party. I had emailed the birthday girl some pictures of the cake and cookies, and she was most excited!

With the car all packed, I headed off to my sister's to set it all up. I was very pleased with the final result and hopefully the girls will enjoy the candy/dessert table as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

 The cake took centre stage on the table and set the colour tone for the rest of the table. There were mini marshmallow, musk sticks, sherbet sticks, sherbet lollipop's, fruity mentos, fruit tingles and musk lifesavers for the candy. The desserts, all made by me, were vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, vanilla sugar cookies, gingerbread butterfly cookies and the birthday cake was chocolate cake. Party cups and plates by Sambellina.

The cake was a bed filled with little girls, all personalised with hair colour and style, to represent the sleepover. It was chocolate cake with butter cream and fondant icing. The decorations on the cake were made from modelling paste.

The cupcakes were my favourite recipe which is chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with butter cream swirls and fondant disc's. Pictured here with the vanilla sugar cookies.

I made gingerbread for the first time today using my friend's recipe from over at the Clayton's Blog.

 It is an easy recipe to make and tasted delicious.

The finishing touch was the cookies to go in the party bags. These were personalised for each guest.

It was a pleasure to create this for my niece, Happy Birthday Emily Rose xx


  1. It all look gorgeous! What little girl wouldn't love all of that. I especially like the little packaged 'personalised' cookies. So cute!

  2. Thanks so much Jenny. It was alot of fun :)

  3. Looks great im sure the girls loved it :)

  4. Katena it is beautiful - your neice (and your sister) must have been thrilled. I love the cake and the wonderful theming of the sleepover - a well earned rest tomorrow!! Leanne

  5. Thanks Shell :)

    Thanks Leanne, I am having a nice relax in front of the fire at the moment :)

  6. Oh wow, how fab is this??? Those cookies with the sleeping girls!!!!! You put so much effort in and I'm sure your niece loved it all. Well done!!

  7. Thankyou so much Sharnel, means so much to me coming from you :)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! Those cookies, and those cake~ LOVE! So cute!!!

  9. WOW KT , that was amazing, Emily's party will be the talk of the town, every little girl will be sending their mums your way to cater for their parties, hope you have some business cards handy. You must be very proud of your work.Well done!!!

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments :)

    Trish I actually was speaking to one of the mums yesterday and she said her twins hadn't stopped talking about the personalised cookies!

  11. Wow Katena, everything looks unreal. Pinks, pretty girly things and I bet very cool to eight year olds. A creation to be proud of.