Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spiderman Cake for Lachlan.

This is the second year I have made a birthday cake for Lachlan A and he likes to provide me with a challenge!! Last year he was turning 5 and decided he wanted an R2D2 cake. So off to Flickr for some inspiration and managed to create a great cake.

 This year Lachlan and his family moved about 3 hours from where I live, and luckily his grandparents are going to visit him to celebrate his birthday and I was asked to make his cake again. This time he decided he would like a Spiderman cake! 

Of course I knew this would mean piping a spider web of some description. Piping is something I am not that confident doing so there was added pressure that it would be black and straight onto fondant. For anyone who has done this before, you would know that you only get one chance with black royal icing on fondant!

Lachlan chose a cake from Flickr (thankyou to BradysCakes for allowing me to use one of their cakes as inspiration) and I set about baking a dark chocolate mud cake, covering it in ganache and then fondant. The Spiderman face was made out of modelling paste and the web is royal icing.

I am very happy with the final result and hopefully Lachlan will be too. Fingers crossed that it travels the 3 hour drive safely.

Happy Birthday Lachlan and thankyou for providing me with another challenge!!

MrsKT :)


  1. Fantastic! So clever... Are you located in Brisbane? I need to do a cake for my six year old - Oh wish me luck!

  2. Thanks Jenny. No I am in country NSW. Any questions you have please email, I am only too happy to help :)

  3. What a great cake & now I know they travel I may need to put in an order, my inlaws could do the pick up...LOL. I would still have your low fat friand recipe in a storage box from back in the day., I can only imagine how fabulous your cakes are tasting now!!!

  4. Thanks Trish. Yes they do travel quite well, so if you ever want one you know where to come.

    LOL at the low fat friand's, it's been a LONG time since I have made that recipe, believe me. They were always good, but a mudcake seems to go down a lot better these days!!!!