Sunday, September 12, 2010

Macaron's - Take 1!

Macaron's are the "in" thing at the moment, every where you look there is a macaron. Seeing them created on Masterchef recently made me want to attempt making them. I have read a lot about them and they are quite a difficult dessert to bake successfully.

Before starting I consulted a couple of my close "cake" friends who had recipes and tips to share, so armed with the 5 ingredients I set about creating my first macaron's.

 For my first effort I was quite pleased with the end result, they are not perfect and I am not going to put Adriano Zumbo out of business anytime soon, but they are ok!

I filled them with white chocolate ganache which finishes them off nicely. They taste great and have the correct texture of a macaron.

There were a few that the tops cracked on, and I have since found out that this can be from over beating the egg whites or over folding the flour mixture or not letting them air dry for long enough before baking. For me I think it was over beating the egg whites.

I am hoping to perfect the macaron so I can use them on the dessert table at my little one's first birthday in a couple of weeks. I will attempt take 2 later in the week and will come back to let you know how they turn out.

If there are any macaron experts reading this, I would love you to share any more tips or secrets to baking the perfect macaron!

Mrs KT :)


  1. Oooh these look delightful! Good job Katena!
    I won't attempt the make macarons as I think {I know} they will be a disaster haaa! But I think you're definitely on your way to perfecting them....actually these look pretty perfect to me :)

  2. Hi Katena, they look pretty perfect to me and I bet they were delicious! ;-)

  3. They look have inspired me to give them a go. It has been on my to make list X

  4. Thankyou for your encouraging comments, the more I look at them they are way too fat and puffed up compared to "real" macaron's, so I will definately be attempting them again soon!

  5. They look delicious, I made berry and white chocolate muffins with cream cheese icing this morning but don't look nearly as lovely.

  6. They look fantastic Katena! Yum wish I lived closer! Oh and did I mention - Adriano Zumbo - family - yes family! Not that I have met him as he is some distant cousin of Mr A's (and there are a lot of them) but the family has eaten his stuff!! Leanne x

  7. Oh wow Leanne, would love to visit his shop one day and taste his creations in person! You may have to make it your business to meet with him, may come in handy when you need yummy treats for your dessert tables!

  8. Oh these look amazing. So pretty and inviting. Well done!