Friday, September 24, 2010

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I love a good chocolate chip cookie, always home made, not the supermarket variety. I have previously posted my favourite recipe. This morning whilst browsing my blog list I came across this post on How Does She? The perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Of course they looked very tempting, even at 6am! I had all the ingredients in the pantry, so off I went making a batch. The only modification I made was that I replaced the choc chips with milk couverture buttons.

The cookies are delicious. The recipe made 45 cookies, plenty to share around!

Bobbi-Jo provides a wonderful step-by-step recipe over on the How Does She? blog, so if you would like to try this recipe for yourself please head over there!

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs KT :)


  1. Mmmm yum - I can almost smell and taste them! Hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying your cookies!! Leanne x

  2. Mmm chocolate chip cookies are the best and these look good, milk couverture buttons yummo.

  3. You can't beat a good chocolate chip cookie. The last time I made a batch they didn't even last 24 hours. I give these a couple of hours tops.