Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lexii and Selena Turn 18 - Part 2

Yesterday I completed part 2 of Lexii and Selena's 18th birthday order (Read about Part 1 here). They had agreed on a silver and black colour theme that incorporated "18", their names and style. The cupcakes were a mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake with white vanilla butter cream swirls. Here are the plain cupcakes before the decorations were added.

Lexii's were decorated with high heel shoes, 18's and her name.

Selena's had mini longhorn's, 18's and her name.

The girls were going out to dinner with family and friends and the cupcakes were displayed on a black cupcake stand.

It was lovely to be part of the girls special birthday. Happy Birthday Lexii and Selena :)

Mrs KT :)


  1. Looks beautiful Katena - well done!! L xx

  2. They look lovely Katena & I bet they tasted fantastic.

  3. Oh my...the cupcakes turned out just lovely!!!! Simply yet sophisticated (and I will be they taste delish too!). My you are one talented lady!!!!

  4. Thankyou for your lovely comments.