Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maggie's Barbie Island Princess Themed 4th Birthday.

My youngest niece, Maggie, turns 4 this weekend so that means I have been busy creating her cake, cookies and cupcakes. She chose a Barbie Island Princess theme, so this determined the colour scheme for the baking.

I used her actual Barbie for the cake, so the only part of the cake that is not cake or fondant is the doll, crown and peacock fan. The cake is super easy chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fondant covering. The piping is royal icing, which still needs a lot of practice, but I am happy with how she turned out.

The top part of the dress is fondant and I was a little worried about how it would look, but thankfully it is fairly close to the actual Barbie dress.

(Image from here)

The cookies I made to match the theme were flowers and elephant's to represent Tika from the movie. The only elephant cookie cutter I have looks like a cross between a hippo and a bull, so I traced an elephant image and cut the cookies out by hand. This is the first time I have attempted this and am pleased with the end result.


The finishing touch are the mini chocolate and vanilla sponge cupcakes with vanilla butter cream swirl and a smartie on top. These are a great size for the children as there is just enough cake and buttercream for a couple of bites, less wastage or they can have more than 1!!!

It was nice to work with a different colour scheme for this party, the girls tend to always have pink, mauve and white, so the aqua provided a nice pop of colour.

We are off to the birthday party later on today, it will be an afternoon of fun and laughter, oh and cake :)

Happy 4th birthday Maggie Jane :)

Mrs KT :)


  1. It all looks great! You are very clever :)

  2. love the colours!! and the cookies are cute great job :)

  3. Just beautiful Katena - the cake is just perfect - makes my barbie effort look very sad and sorry! Leanne xx

  4. wow that is amazing, I showed Josie and she couldnt believe it was a cake it looks so real.

  5. WOW Katena that is amazing, puts the old "Dolly Varden" cake to shame. You are definately the best Aunty EVER!!!!

  6. Yes, I agree with Trish and well done!

  7. Are you trying to tell me that the fan is all royal icing.It looks absolutely stunning!

  8. No Haniela it isn't icing it is part of the doll, if only I was that clever to be able to create the fan from icing!