Friday, October 12, 2012

11 on 11 ~ October.

Some amazing photographers and bloggers (Angie BaxterSharon MallinEl HoganChantelle Ellem) that I follow have been participating in a project once a month - 10 on 10. Where they take 10 photo's on the 10th day of the month. I decided to take part in October, unfortunately I was working on the 10th, so pushed it back to the 11th and took 11! So here they are:

 1. Breakfast / writing grocery list / reading blogs.

2. Claire waking up.

3. School drop-off.

4. Groceries waiting to be unpacked.

5. Lighting the fire / cold outside today.

6. Cleaning bathroom / not my favourite job.

7. Afternoon homework.

8. Preparing dinner.

9. Shower after dinner.

10. Brushing her hair after shower.

11. Preparing lunch orders for tomorrow. 

I really enjoyed 11 on 11, so hope to continue this project each month.


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