Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing Belle - my new camera bag :)

My next scheduled post was to be about the dessert and candy table I created for our family Christmas, but I couldn't resist slipping this one in!! As I previously mentioned I was very spoilt by my family at Christmas with a new DSLR camera. As it is such a fabulous piece of equipment I decided immediately that it needed to be carried around in something gorgeous but practical. I remembered that a while ago I had come across a company called Epiphanie by Mailie Wilson. This company is in the US and specialises in stylish camera handbags.

It took me about three days to finally decide on a style and colour, ordered it online and it was in my hot little hands 9 days later. Excellent service and super fast postage from the US to Australia especially over the holiday period!

There are five styles to choose from, I decided on the Belle in red!

Here she is:

Look at the cute camera tag !!

The lilac interior, nice :)

All packed ready to go and there is still room for another lense, lipstick and a few other bits and pieces.

So what do you think? I think it is very stylish and can't wait to take her out and show her off :) Oh and the other thing I can't wait for is the day when I have actually worked out how to use my new camera properly!

Enjoy your week.

Mrs KT :)



  1. Ah... thanks for the link! I'm currently saving up for a slr, and after so long saving, I want to make sure it's looked after!

  2. OH WOW! Very jealous wanting a new camera so badly. Love the bag!! Just started a 365 if you want to look maybe you should start on to get that camera going :-)

  3. Oooh gorgeous, congrats chic (I'm saving up for Ginger!) and I can even look past the fact that you shoot Nikon hehehe!

  4. Oh dear Tracey, is that a bad thing that I shoot Nikon? I am not really up with all the photography talk yet!!!

    Ginger is very swish too, what colour are you thinking of?

    I have just checked out your blog, the Clip Cafe, I will be following it with interest.

  5. No honey, not a bad thing. It's just a little joke thing that goes on. Canon girls say Canon is the best, Nikon girls say Nikon is the best...of course it doesn't really matter...but just so you know, on the down low, you are a Nikon girl, so go Nikon whoo hoo! I keep going backwards and forwards between the Chocolate and the Black Ginger, I seriously cannot make up my mind! Maybe I will draw straws ;)

  6. Oh good Tracey, glad it isn't a bad thing to shoot Nikon, hehe!!

    Both the colours would be great, maybe take a vote amongst the family!!

  7. Congrats on your new camera Katena, it wont take you long to get your head around it. I have a few good sites I can email you the links if your interested.

    And your bag is STUNNING!

  8. that camera bag is to die for! super cute and I so love the colour you picked. Naomi x