Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Rudolph Christmas Candy and Dessert Table

The Christmas season is here and my poor blog has been neglected, as it is just such a busy time, now that the holidays are here life will slow down a little, hopefully!!!

Last weekend I put together a Christmas candy and dessert table for a company Christmas party. The theme was vintage rudolph and the colours red and lime green. The printable collection is by The TomKat Studio. The little reindeer is just too cute!

This was the first time I had set up a table outdoors, and unfortunately the day brought very gusty winds. The table had to be relocated from a gorgeous position in the garden, to under a gazebo. Then just as everything was set up ready for photographing, a huge gust of wind came and blew the vase of Christmas flowers over, causing the white table cloth to be covered in water! Luckily, the food was spared, so a quick change of cloth and the table was presentable again! The wind also prevented me from using the "Merry Christmas" banner that I had created from the collection, which was a shame.

The table consisted of vanilla cupcakes, vanilla sugar cookies, chocolate dipped marshmallow pops, red and green choc beans from Sharnel Dollar Designs, red raspberry lollies, chocolate santa's and cherry flavoured candy canes.

The red and lime green were a great colour combination and provided a nice change to the traditional bottle green and red that is Christmas.

Our family Christmas dessert table is in the planning at the moment, the basis is a fabulous traditional printable collection by Anders Ruff, I look forward to sharing this with you in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy the Christmas season.

Mrs KT :)


  1. As always everything looks soooo good! Love those Xmas tree cookies :)

  2. Beautiful job! Thank you for using our printable designs!!

  3. Oh Katena, you did such a beautiful job! Congrats! I love it all! The colours, the sweets, the labels, the layout....all of it!

  4. What a lovely table, I can't imagine it without the red table cloth,

  5. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments.

    Linda, the red did look so much better, so I guess the vase tipped over for a reason :)

  6. It all looks beautiful Katena - the weather messed with me a little this week as well which is so frustrating when you can't do what you planned but this all looks just wonderful and yes the red cloth is great! Leanne