Friday, December 3, 2010

An Electric Guitar, Star Wars and Chocolate Shards.

All my cake orders are finished before the weekend this week, yay! The first one for the week was a fun cake to create. Rohan is turning 21 tomorrow and his dad requested a guitar cake. This is a similar picture of what he wanted re-created in a cake.

It was chocolate mudcake filled with dark chocolate and covered in black fondant.

The cake is a surprise for Rohan, so I am hoping he likes it!

Joe is celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow, and his daughter requested a chocolate mudcake, but nothing too fancy with the decorating!

We decided on an all chocolate cake, dark chocolate mudcake filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate shards. The top was finished off with lindt balls and lindt chocolate drops and squiggles.

The final cake was for Bray who is turning 6. He requested a Star Wars theme.

I chose a simple design, R2D2 and Yoda with light sabres and some stars. It was also dark chocolate mudcake filled and covered with buttercream.

This weekend will be a relaxing one, hopefully the rain will stop soon and the sun can start shining.

Mrs KT :)

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