Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking with Emily.

Over the weekend my eldest niece, Emily, who is 8 came to stay with me to do some baking. We had a wonderful time, baking gingerbread cookies, cupcakes and chocolate cake.

The gingerbread was the first item we made. Emily chose the cookie shapes, the colour of the icing and also decorated them all herself.

The finished cookies looked and tasted sensational!

Next was the chocolate cake. The recipe we used was Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. An easy cake, that is moist and tastes great. We filled it with dark chocolate ganache and covered it with vanilla buttercream. Emily helped make all of the decorations for the top of the cake.


The presents and christmas tree looked very festive and the finished cake took pride of place on the table at our family gathering yesterday.

Next on the list was cupcakes. Again Emily chose the colours and made the decorations. 

Emily became an expert with the piping bag almost immediately, she can be my assistant in the kitchen any day!!

I really enjoyed having Emily bake with me, and we will be doing it again soon.

What do you think of all of her creations?

Enjoy the lead up week to Christmas.

Mrs KT :)


  1. Hi I am poppingo ver from claires blog. Some great baking there. puts our cookies to shame. lol

  2. How fabulous to have such a wonderful assistant! All looks delish :)

  3. Little darling, I think she did an AMAZING job, truly. So much better than my attempts. I'm going to learn cake decorating next year, you've inspired me! Only to create my own little things.. I love the Christmas tree made of different size star shapes (?) I'll have to remember that to use one day. Glad your niece had fun..Rachaelxx

  4. Wow! Everything looks amazing! I want to come to your house ;)

  5. Oh, how sweet to have a little apprentice with you in the kitchen for the weekend :) hehehe!
    Lovely photos! Looks like you girls cooked up a storm...bigtime! As usual, everything looks so amazing! Better than my lemon slice that looked a little like yellow slime LOL!!!
    Merry Christmas Taylor Family!

  6. What a great helper Katena - I need her in my kitchen as she puts me to shame! I only said to my hubby today "I wish I could get the swirl right on top of the cupcakes!" Love the christmas tree cake - how perfect! Leanne xx

  7. Fabulous Emily did a wonderful job they look more professional than most I see in the bakeries :)