Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!

Baked cheesecake is just about the only sweet treat that I have been afraid to bake. I am not sure whether it is because I have eaten some really awful baked cheesecakes in coffee shops and restaurants or whether it is that most recipes have a lot of steps and need to bake for a while.

Melanie Riddell, a lovely friend who I have met through photography, was kind enough to share her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cheesecake with me. I tested it out at the weekend and am pleased to report that it was a success! This is the best baked cheesecake that I have tasted and to make it even better, the recipe is easy and it only bakes for a short time.

Here is the recipe:


250g chocolate ripple biscuits, crushed
1/3 cup melted butter

675g cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup castor sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup milk chocolate chips
1/3 cup white chocolate chips

2/3 cup milk chocolate chips
2 tbsp whipping cream


Base: Mix biscuit crumbs and butter together. Firmly press into base of 9" springform pan. Bake at 180C for about 4 minutes.

Cheesecake: Beat cream cheese with electric mixer until soft and fluffy. Gradually add sugar, beating well. Add eggs, one at a time beating well after each addition. Stir in vanilla and choc chips. Pour the mixture over biscuit base. Bake at 180C for about 25 - 30 minutes (monitor closely so it does not overcook or burn the top or edges, a light golden top is perfect). Turn oven off and leave in oven with door partially open for another 30 minutes. Remove from oven and refrigerate for at least 8 hours.

Icing: Melt choc chips and gradually stir in cream. Keep stirring over the heat until smooth and thickened. Remove from heat and spread over cooled cheesecake. Chill.

(I didn't worry about adding the icing, but I am sure it would have finished the cheesecake off nicely!)

My husband and brother in law, who aren't sweet tooth's, raved about this cheesecake, so that is a great indication of how great it really is :)

Would love to hear from you if you give this recipe a try :)

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Mrs KT.


  1. I loved baked cheesecake! I'll definately be trying this recipe xx

  2. I loved baked cheesecake, this one looks delicious.