Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a week!

Wow, what a week I have had. 6 cake orders, photography work, running a household and life in general. Today is my first chance to sit and catch up on reading my favourite blogs and post some photo's of my cakes.

As there are lots of photo's I will keep the words to a minimum today!

The first cake was Linda and Craig's wedding cake. The top and bottom tiers were dark chocolate mudcake and the middle tier was a styrofoam dummy cake. The butterflies were acetate.

Next was a 70th birthday cake. The cake was pumpkin fruitcake and was made by the birthday girl's daughter, I decorated it to look like a giant slice of cake.


Dark chocolate mudcakes were the most popular choice this week. Mallory was turning 23 and had a simple cake to celebrate.

The local family history society were celebrating their 25th anniversary, so a special silver and white exploding present cake it was.

A chocolate overload cake was requested for Luke who was turning 30. Dark chocolate mudcake with ferrero rocher ganache filling, dark chocolate ganache coating, kit kat border and malteser and rocher topping!

The last cake was an unusual request. A skull cake! It relates to a text that Aimee is studying at school and was for an after school study session. It was cherry ripe mudcake. 

So I am all caked out now! About 6kg of chocolate and 5kg of fondant later. This week I have no cakes to do, which will see the ironing finally get done and the housework completed :)

Lastly, I will share a couple of photo's from my week 3 task for my photography workshop. The shoot had to revolve around 4 words that were given to me by the course coordinator. My words were sentimental, retro, giving and string. I used my baby girl, Claire as my model, and being 17 months old, proved challenging. The end results were very pleasing.

Sentimental - Claire is wearing the pearls I wore on our wedding day.
Retro - the dress she has on is a little retro.

Giving - the gift.
String - the twine tied around the gift.

I hope you are still reading after that very long post, thankyou.

Enjoy your week.


  1. FABULOUS cakes as always! Especially loving the butterfly cake and that chocolate extravaganza with kit kat, maltesers and ferrero rochers! Have book marked that for my hubby's bday! How cute is Claire, she looks like the perfect model xx

  2. So creative. I love love love the cake slice cake. Very cute. and the cake with the twix , so creative. Good job!!

  3. Of course we're still reading!! :-))
    Love to see your new creations, you've done them so well!! The butterfly cake is beautiful, and that chocolate cake, yummy!!
    Claire is an absolute Earth Angel!

  4. adorable photos of Claire a great sereies.
    That chocolate cake with all the extra chocolate bits OMG fantastic. just the topping of maltesers and rocheres would be fantastic. awesome cakes as always Katena.

  5. Hi Katena, it's Angela from the explore course. I'm taking a break from PS5, I'm very confused! Today Oliver mentioned that he'd like a Lego party for his birthday, it's not until July but I guess little boys think about these things. I 'googled' Lego party and a result was your blog and sons Lego party........what a small world!! I've since browsed your blog, your cakes, cookies and parties are divine. I was wondering where you got the Lego man cookie cutter from or did you do them without? I love making the fondant covered cookies for special occasions. Hope you're going well with task 4. Angela.

  6. Love your cakes Katena. Your little Claire is a gorgeous model. Nice portraits.


  7. WOW Katena, amazing creative & no doubt scrumptious to boot....I love to see what youve been creating.
    Your photos are fantastic, I can see your enjoying your course & new camera!

  8. Love your designs! The butterfly cake is lovely!