Friday, February 18, 2011

Jungle Themed 1st Birthday Cake.

I have just delivered a 1st birthday cake for little Joseph ( I made the Under the Sea cupcakes for him last week ). His mum chose a jungle theme for his cake, so we went with a number 1 shaped cake. It was decorated with a monkey, a lion, a giraffe and an elephant, some trees and lots of jungle vines.

I hand modeled all of the animals and decorations from modeling paste. They were such fun to create, it is wonderful seeing them take shape and they come to life once there face is complete! The lion was my favourite!

The cake was a moist butter cake with white chocolate ganache and fondant covering. 

Happy 1st birthday Joseph, have a wonderful time celebrating with your family tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend, I have the pleasure of creating a cupcake tower for a lovely couple's wedding tomorrow and then on Sunday I am meeting up with a couple of gorgeous blogging friends :)


  1. Another gorgeous cake! I'll say it again, you're so clever Katena xx

  2. How adorable!
    Katena forgive my ignorance, but is modelling paste, the animals, edible?

    Your weekend sounds enjoyable!

  3. Oh Katena!!! You are so clever!! I absolutely LOVE everything you create!
    Those animals are so damn, tooting cute!!!!!
    Awesome job!

  4. That looks awesome Katena. You know you could start a business making ornaments, your a real artist with this modelling clay!!

  5. So detailed - wonderful MrsKT.


  6. How adorable,your modeling skills are amazing.
    love the animals.